How to grant access
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How to grant access

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The Analytics API is an optional feature. Please contact your Customer Sucess Manager for activation.

Enable Access

Once the API is activated for your account, Client IDs need to be created in Mapp Intelligence to use and authenticate the API. For Accounts for which the API is not enabled, the API-KEY section is visible, but the key generation is disabled.

Create an API Client ID and Client Secret

  1. To create an API Client ID, go to  Settings > API Client IDs. The Client IDs are bound to the person who created the Auth-Key.

  2. Within API Client ID Overview, you can:

    • Enter a description.

    • Add a Token validity time

      Default is 60 minutes, but a custom value can be added in minutes

    • A Client ID can be:

      • temporarily deactivated

      • revoked/deleted permanently 

    • A Client ID and Client Secret can be copied to the clipboard at any time after creation from the overview table. 

      • The Client ID is visible in clear text, while the Client Secret is not.


As a Mapp Intelligence administrator, you can restrict and manage access to the API in the user management on the account level. 

  1. Authentication must be done using a Client ID and Client Secret for an Intelligence account.

  2. You will then receive a token. The token must be used with the API calls. It is valid until it is revoked or expired. (The activation status of the client ID is unrelated to the function of the token).

If the API is disabled for an account, the authentication with an existing Client-ID will fail.

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