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AdClear offers an integrated, modular solution to analyze and optimize your entire online marketing portfolio. The basis for this is a powerful, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for tracking all relevant online marketing campaigns. All points of contact of the user with the shop or the advertising media can thus be recorded. This data is enriched with CRM, offline, or other 3rd-party data on a customer-specific basis to obtain a consistent data set of all required activities. Please refer to AdClear  for detailed information and description of AdClear services.

The AdClear plugin facilitates the installation of the AdClear tracking script.

Webtrekk can establish a connection between Webtrekk users and AdClear users. For this purpose, the client passes the AdClear Ever ID from the cookie to Webtrekk through the Webtrekk tracking script. The ID is then sent in the tracking request as session parameter 808.

This document describes the technical integration and configuration of the plugin on your website.