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Cookies are text information that can be set when visiting a website and are then stored locally on the visitor's device/computer. Each cookie is bound to the respective domain and can only be read or processed where it was set. Webtrekk uses cookies for user recognition. Webtrekk distinguishes between:

  • Session cookie
    A session cookie is automatically removed by the browser as soon as the session is terminated. This happens when the browser is closed.

  • Ever cookie
    An ever cookie has a fixed expiration date on which the browser removes it.

Cookies are also divided into first-party and third-party cookies:

  • First-party cookie
    First-party cookies are set in the domain of the website that is currently being actively visited.

  • Third-party cookie

    Third-party cookies are set in a different domain that does not correspond to the page currently visited.

With Webtrekk, it is possible to use tracking with first-party (client side) as well as with third-party (server side) cookies.

You can find more information about cookies in Webtrekk in the chapter Cookies.

The Cookie Control plugin allows you to access the properties of Webtrekk cookies. For cookies, it is possible to

  • assign a new tack domain and/ or track ID,
  • convert a client cookie to a server cookie (first-party to third-party cookie).

In this document, you will learn how to integrate the Cookie Control plugin.

The plugin is subject to a charge. If you are interested, please contact your Webtrekk consultant or