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The recorded loading times appear in Webtrekk as page parameters.

Please note that you have to activate the required page parameter by Webtrekk first. If this has not yet been done, please contact the support team (

Once the parameter has been activated, it must be set up for tracking. To this purpose, carry out the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Webtrekk Q3 account.

  2. Go to Configuration > Custom Parameters.

  3. Open the "Page Parameter" tab. A list of all existing event parameters appears.

  4. Click [Create new custom parameter]. You are forwarded to the specification dialog for custom parameters.

  5. Make the following settings:

    TitleSpecify a title.
    DescriptionOptional. Enter a short parameter description.
    ActiveActivate the parameter with the corresponding radio button.
    Capture data forActivate the corresponding checkbox for data to be captured for
    • Raw data (default)
    • Live Analytics
    PreconfiguredFrom the dropdown menu select the following entry:
    • Page load time in milliseconds
    Parameter ID

    The ID (570) is set automatically by the system.

  6. Click [Save] to save your settings. The event parameter is created and appears in the "Custom Parameters" overview.