Mapp Intelligence Marketing is part of the Mapp Intelligence suite and enables you to target every user individually. Collecting data was only the first step. Now it is time to act upon that data – with Marketing Automation. You can use your visitor data to create and show banners, layers, recommendation widgets and custom HTML placements or transfer the data to 3rd party systems via a customized Audience Stream.

How does it work?

Mapp Intelligence Marketing is fully integrated with User Relationship Management (URM), enabling you to have a truly personalized approach to marketing. URM puts the user at the center of everything. Every device, every page, every referrer, every search, every product seen and bought – it’s all stored in relation to the user onsite. With Marketing, you can measure your customer's preferences, predicted lifetime value, conversion probability and current session behavior to get the most relevant data for each user and engage her in real time.

To leverage the power of Mapp Intelligence Marketing Automation, the system takes into account users who visited within the last 90 days. For the onboarding, only visitors with at least one page impression are recognized.

Our Audience and Recommendation Rest APIs enable you to access the Marketing Databases for custom use-cases. Please make yourself familiar with the relevant documentation: