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Below you will find descriptions and technical details of the individual tables, which Mapp makes available to you via raw data export.

Information on the overview tables:

  • Primary key fields are highlighted in bold (if several fields are highlighted in bold, this is a composite primary key).
  • Fields that serve as foreign keys are indicated by underlining (the tables that can be linked using foreign keys will be discussed later in this documentation).

  • In the "Data type" column overviews you will find the underlying data type as well as the size limitation of the fields.


    (20.0) for the data type "Number" means, for example, that the corresponding field contains numbers with a maximum of 20 digits and 0 decimal places. Unused decimal places are always filled with 0 (for example, 123456789,987000).

  • The following format always exists in fields with the data type "Timestamp": 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.000000'.