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As of this release, you can create folders in the report overview in which you can organize your reports. You can add and remove folders, create reports in each folder, and move them to other folders.

Grouping reports allows you to access specific reports without having to search long.

In the overview itself, you can add additional columns as required. These columns contain information about the creator, the creation date, or the last editing date, for example. You can also go directly from the overview to the editing mode of a report.

The existing organization of access to reports using report categories is valid independently of this extension. Folders do not replace the current access management via the report categories.

The Toolbar in the Report Overview

The report overview now contains a toolbar which you can use to access the following functions by clicking on the corresponding icon:

Button/ IconFunctionDescription

Create reportClick this button to create a new report.

Import Q3 report

Click this button if you want to import a report from Webtrekk Q3.

In the selection dialog, you can select the desired reports from Q3 and import them afterward.

This button is only available to you if you have the necessary rights.

New folder

Click on this icon if you want to create a new folder.

The newly created folder will be cached during your session. However, if you do not assign at least one report to this folder, it will not be saved for the long term.

It is also possible to create a new folder in the list view, but the new folder does not appear until you switch to the folder view.

Folder viewAll folders are displayed in this view.

List viewIn this view, you can see all the reports that have already been created.


Delete report permanently.

Select one or more reports by activating the corresponding checkbox and then click on this icon. The selected reports are deleted permanently.


Move report to a folder.

Select one or more reports by activating the corresponding checkbox and then click on this icon. The selected reports will be moved there after selecting the target folder.

Alternatively, you can drag & drop the selected reports into the desired folder.


Search function for reports.

The search function browses all available columns for the search term entered.

To display the search results, the system automatically switches to the list view to enable simple and direct access to all reports found. However, you can switch back to the folder view, and your search result is retained.

You cannot use this search function to search directly for folders. If you enter folder names, the search results list the reports that are assigned to a folder with this name.

Please note that any action such as deleting a folder requires editing rights for the reports it contains. This also means that the folders are bound to report sharing settings.

Configuring the Columns in the Report Overview

The column order and appearance can be defined in the table configurator, which can be applied to views as well as automatically saved per user.

  1. To configure the contents of a table, open the Table Configurator by clicking on the gear.

  2. In the table configurator, you can de-/activate the respective table columns according to your requirements and define the sequence using simple drag&drop.

Read more about the use of the new report overview here .

Release date: December 18, 2018