Blog from Mar 06, 2019

As of this release, users can mark their most important reports as personal favorites. These appear in the navigation area under "Overview." The favorites you set are also only visible to you (previously, a report selected as a favorite was visible as a favorite for all users who have the report available in their login).

Since this is no longer a report setting, you no longer need editing rights to set a report as a favorite.

Please note that the report favorites set before this release are no longer displayed in the navigation area. However, the corresponding reports are still available. Select your favorites in the report overview (Reports > Overview) by clicking on the star icon in the "Actions" column.

Publishing date: March 06, 2019

As of this release, you can also edit the analyses stored under "My analyses" and then save them directly.

  1. Open an analysis within "My Analyses."

  2. Make the desired changes, for example, filter by specific metrics.

  3. In the analysis context menu, click [Save]. The changes are saved, and the original analysis is overwritten accordingly.

Publishing date: March 06, 2019

You can use the search function in the Analytics Report Overview to restrict the search to a specific column.

To do this, select the required column in the table overview from the new dropdown menu and enter the search term as usual. The search only lists results from the selected column.

The dropdown menu lists all available columns of the table overview, even if they are not visible according to your settings. The columns "Actions" and "Schedule" are excluded; they are not relevant to the search because they contain functions.

Publishing date: March 06, 2019

The previous " Bookmarks " are now called " My analyses." Under "My Analyses" you can permanently save analyses as usual and in this way create personal quick access to the analyses relevant to you.

  1. To do this, click Add to > My Analyses in the context menu of the respective analysis.

  2. Then enter a meaningful name under which you want to save the analysis.

  3. Click [Apply].

Publishing date: March 06, 2019