Blog from June, 2019

The Cookie Control extension is available for the Smart Pixel. This plugin allows you to access the properties of Webtrekk cookies. You can perform the following actions for cookies:

  • Assign a new track domain and/ or track ID
  • Switch from a client cookie to a server cookie (first-party cookie to third-party cookie).

Documentation: Smart Tracking Pixel (wtSmart.extension.cookie_control)

Please note that this extension is not free of charge. If you are interested please contact your Webtrekk consultant or

Publishing date: June 12, 2019

With today's release of the Content Engagement Plugin, you can precisely measure the reading behavior of your website visitors. Reading behavior analysis data is an important performance indicator, especially for content pages: For example, it is essential for publishers to know how readers deal with a published article. The Content Engagement Plugin measures the percentage of an article read by the end user.

The plugin is available in Webtrekk Tag Integration. Alternatively, you can integrate it into the standard pixel as a separate JavaScript file. For customers who have integrated the Webtrekk Smart Pixel, the extension "wtSmart.extension.content_engagement" is available as standard.

Documentation: Content Engagement Plugin

The Content Engagement Plugin in Tag Integration

Please note that the Content Engagement Plugin does not work for mobile applications and websites with Infinite Scroll.

Publishing date: June 12, 2019

For customers who, for example, use their own tracking domain or third-party cookies due to ITP 2.x, the URI syntax can be adapted to call ressources from the API.

To call the Webtrekk REST API, adapt the URI as follows:

Please note that in this case separate activation is required. Please contact your Webtrekk consultant for this purpose.

Publishing date: June 06, 2019