Blog from Aug 26, 2019

In Webtrekk Analytics, you now have even more predefined periods to choose from to better narrow down your analysis results.

For each newly added time range in the selection list, there is also a corresponding comparison period. You can use these comparison periods in Comparison Analysis and Sparklines, as well as KPIs.

Analytics: Selection of dynamic time ranges

Release date: August 26, 2019

Mapp Cloud now offers Campaign Dashboards to help you see campaign performance in new ways.

Analyze your marketing performance through insightful dashboards and reports that are powered by Webtrekk.

Webtrekk is the leading, award-winning Marketing Analytics and Customer Intelligence platform in Europe.

Campaign Dashboards support your analytics with two cards. The Campaigns card gives you access to pre-defined insights and the Analytics card allows you to group all important metrics by different dimensions for improved insights.


  • Gain more customer insights from cross-channel campaign reports and dashboards.

  • Save time in the creation of campaign reports.

  • Use the data to optimize engagement across all device types.

  • See the impact of individual channel campaigns on customer engagement.


Campaign Dashboards for Mapp Engage are available now. Contact your account manager for more information.

For more information on Mapp Cloud, request a demo.

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Mapp Connect​ connects third-party marketing tools to ​Mapp Engage​.


With Mapp Connect, you can pull data into Mapp Engage and extract information for reuse in other marketing applications.

  • Exchange data between third-party applications and Mapp Engage.

  • Unify customer data in the customer data platform (CDP) from Mapp.

  • Access third-party integrations from one central location.

How Can I Access Mapp Connect?​


In the Main Navigation, click  | Mapp Connect​.

A Configure Add-On​ window opens with the add-ons that are active for your system.

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