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We are thrilled to announce that Mapp is taking a big leap towards creating AI-driven campaign management by introducing the "Best sendout time" feature.

The ​Best Sendout Time​ uses artificial intelligence to select the optimal time to send an e-mail to a user.

The knowledge is based on the opening statistics of your recipient.

Let's look at one example: For users that had regularly opened your emails at 11 am, the chosen ideal time will be 11 am. If the e-mail is send out at this time, the user will probably read the message when it is still at the top of his inbox, and the likelihood of opening is increased.

You can let Mapp calculate the Best Sendout Time in any type of Whiteboard, as well as for manual send out.

If you choose this feature, your emails will be delivered no later than within 24 hours.

For each user, at least five opened emails are necessary to calculate the best send out time. All users with less engagement will get the email immediately.