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About the change

Mapp has started phasing out the Selections feature in Mapp Engage. This is part of a planned transition to our Segmentation Builder.

The Segmentation Builder has been available in Mapp Engage for a while now. It offers an intuitive drag and drop infrastructure and allows you to create simple and complex target groups (or segments) for your campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive configuration of complex campaign target groups, including advanced email behavior criteria 
  • Quick insights on current target group size and dynamics
  • Quick insights on current campaign audience size
  • Accelerated execution time for segmentation use cases thanks to faster and more reliable technology

When Does This Change Take Effect?



What does this mean for me?

February 28, 2020

Old Selections set to edit only

You can still use your existing selections but you won't be able to create new ones.

April 20, 2020

Old Selections deactivated

You will no longer be able to use this feature.

Do I have to take any action?

Yes. Your existing selections will not automatically migrate. You need to:

  • create them again in Segmentation Builder
  • adjust your campaigns accordingly

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have done this before April 20, 2020 so your campaigns can continue running seamlessly.

How does Segmentation Builder work?

Segmentation Builder is a graphical drag and drop interface that allows you to create target groups (segments) for your campaigns. Created segments can be used to add contacts to groups, allow very specific targeting of emails and can also be used in Automations.

How do I create a segment?

  1. Open Contacts > Segmentation Builder
  2. Click Create and name the segment
  3. Select the criteria you want to be used from Contact Profile and Email Activity
  4. Drag criteria to the right-hand pane
  5. Edit your criteria
  6. Click Save and Publish

Once published, you can actively deploy your segment in your campaigns.

Learn more in Mapp Help or contact productupdates@mapp.com if you need more support.