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The Content Engagement Plugin is used to measure the reading behavior of your website visitors. The analysis data of the reading behavior are essential performance indicators - especially for content pages: It is, therefore, crucial for publishers to know how readers deal with a published article. The Content Engagement Plugin measures the percentage of an article read by the end consumer.

From a technical point of view, the article to be measured is divided into 200 elements; each element is equipped with an individual timer that determines where the specific element is marked as read. To further increase the measured data accuracy, you can make the following configurations that trigger the plugin function:

  • achieved timeframe
  • achieved percentage of the content
  • user has left the page.

Please note that the Content Engagement Plugin does not work for mobile applications and websites with Infinite Scroll.

If you use a "READ MORE" button or similar for your articles, you can create a second element for the plugin after the end user has clicked the button. The plugin will then measure the contents of the second item separately (thus creating two separate analyses for the article).

This documentation describes the configuration and activation of the Content Engagement Plugin.