To configure the plugin, follow these simple steps:

  1. In admin panel, go to "Settings > System > Plugins"
  2. Click the three dots to the right of the Mapp Cloud entry
  3. Click Config

You can have unique configurations for each Sales Channel.

tiIdThe Tag Integration ID equals the trackId of the first account in Mapp  Intelligence. When in doubt, contact Mapp support.
tiDomainEnter your own Tag Integration domain. Leave this field empty if you do not have your personalized domain.
Mapp AcquireIf you use Mapp Acquire alongside Mapp Intelligence, please add your Mapp Acquire tracking script here.
Attribute blacklist

Below you can find information about the data layer that comes with Mapp Intelligence. If you do not want to expose certain data to the client, like gender and age, you can enter the attribute keys you want to blacklist here.

Putting 'productShopwareId' on the blacklist results in productQuantity always being '1' during addToCart event. Putting 'pageNumber' on the blacklist prevents tracking of AJAX page switches (e.g. product lists bigger than one page). Putting 'contentSubcategory' on the blacklist results in view requests before product add-to-cart requests on non product-detail pages to never be fired.
Use SW6 Cookie Consent ManagerLeave this option activated if users need to opt-in to tracking via the Shopware cookie consent manager. In that case, Mapp will not collect any data without the explicit consent of the user. Deactivate this option if you use your own consent management platform.

Save your configuration.

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