The Mapp Cloud Shopware 6 plugin is available for free as open source software via Github. See the code here and download it directly via this link.

To create a MappIntelligence directory, extract the content into shopware/custom/plugins.

Recommended Approach: Install via Console

  1. Go to the terminal of your Shopware 6 server
  2. cd (change directory) into the Shopware directory
  3. Run the Symfony console to install and activate the plugin (example below)
  4. Clear the cache afterwards

php ./bin/console plugin:install MappIntelligence
php ./bin/console plugin:activate MappIntelligence
php ./bin/console cache:clear

Install via Backend

  1. Log in as admin and go to "Settings > System > Plugins"
  2. Install Mappintelligence by clicking the three dots to the right of the entry and pick 'Install'
  3. Activate the plugin

Do not forget to clear the cache after installing and activating the plugin. You have two option. Either go to "Settings > System > Cache & Indexes" or choose the approach via console (see example above).

Having done that, you are ready to configure the plugin.

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