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With Webtrekk TV-Tracking you can identify and visualize the direct influence of TV advertising on your website presence and conversions. With the data-based knowledge about the relationship between TV usage and website traffic, you can optimize your cross-media marketing campaigns in a targeted manner.

Against the background of the consumer trend towards the "second screen," it can be observed that online companies are placing more and more TV spots.

"Only 19% of the respondents to the Deloitte Media Survey 2015 concentrated exclusively on the current programme. This development is in favor of the use of second screens, i.e., PC, tablet and mobile phone. Web surfing (40 %), social networks (29 %), e-mail and SMS (31 %) and online shopping (15 %) during the programme have increased strongly."

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German companies invested almost four billion euros in television advertising in 2012. The return on investment of advertising expenditure is therefore crucial for online marketing. With TV-Tracking you can see exactly which spots, slots and broadcasting times generate which traffic and which conversion. If the user behavior on the secondary screen is directly attributable to the impulse of television, you get an indicator of how successful a TV spot was online. With this knowledge, you can further optimize your advertising budget.

TV tracking is made possible by assigning Internet visitors who become aware of your company or product through television advertising to a particular TV spot. The TV-induced traffic on your website is determined by using elaborated algorithms: Based on the binding broadcast times recorded in real time, analyses are carried out of all visitors who visit your site within a defined period after the TV broadcast or who have used a search with specific keywords defined by you beforehand. Relevant visitor numbers are calculated from the increase in website traffic after the TV spot has been broadcast compared to traffic before the broadcast (for more details, see How does TV Tracking work?).

The analyses show which TV spots, programme slots and transmission times generate the most traffic and conversions in the form of orders. All in all, you can also determine whether you have reached your target group. As an advertiser, you gain valuable insights into your campaigns, which form the valid basis for the further optimization of your TV commitment.

With Webtrekk Analytics, you already use a comprehensive and professional tool to measure the online activities of your potential customers. If you want to measure your TV commercials and integrate them into your customer journeys, you can do so by setting up TV as an advertising medium in Webtrekk.

This document contains the instructions for correct setup and shows you how TV tracking works and how to use it.