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You can activate this option if the website that you want to track is accessible via an HTTPS-connection (for example, an order form). If this adjustment has not been made, the browsers used by the visitor may show security warnings.

Implementation Options

  1. To make advanced settings, open the Webtrekk plugin, then go the tab "Advanced."

  2. Perform the following configuration:

    Send all pixel requests via HTTPSActivate the checkbox to send all Webtrekk pixel requests via SSL.

Example Global Configuration

var webtrekkConfig = {
 trackId: "111111111111111",
 trackDomain: "",
 domain: "",
 forceHTTPS: true

If the path to the tracking script is absolute, the integration of the script must also be adjusted accordingly.

Example Page-specific Configuration

var pageConfig = {
 forceHTTPS: true

var wt = new webtrekkV3(pageConfig);
wt.contentId = "de.home";
forceHTTPStrue = Send all pixel requests via HTTPS.