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Web to App Tracking is relevant if you want to track web views in your app using the Webtrekk Pixel.

This function enables synchronous sending of requests to Webtrekk when your users open Web content directly in the app. Only in this way can the analysis data be evaluated correctly. An example of this is the display of visits to previous or subsequent pages in chronological order. This also helps to ensure that the correct user path is displayed in the path analysis and that the customer journey is evaluated correctly.

This function is disabled by default.

Please note that activating this feature can lead to a slightly increased security risk when exchanging data. This is because the pixel creates a data exchange to your Webtrekk SDK (which you use to track the app) and does not send the data directly to your Webtrekk account.

Implementation Options

  1. To make advanced settings, open the Webtrekk plugin, then go the tab "Advanced." 


  2. Make the following configuration:

    Activate Web to App TrackingActivate the checkbox to enable Web to App tracking.

Example global Configuration

var webtrekkConfig = {
 	trackId: "111111111111111",
 	trackDomain: "",
 	domain: "",
 	sendViaSDK: true

Example Page-specific Configuration

var pageConfig = {
 	sendViaSDK: true

var wt = new webtrekkV3(pageConfig);
wt.contentId = "de.startseite";