In some cases it may be useful to transfer data from the Tealium Data Layer to the Webtrekk tag that is not implemented by default. For example, if you are using your own custom plugin, or if there is a new feature in the Webtrekk pixel that is not yet included in the Tealium Webtrekk tag.

In this section, you will learn how to create custom input for the Webtrekk pixel in the Tealium.

Webtrekk Code Example

wt.numberSearchResults = "15";
wt.errorMessages = "";
wt.paywall = "1";
wt.articleTitle = "";
wt.contentTags = "";
wt.pageTitle = "";
wt.pageType = "Article";
wt.pageLength = "large";
wt.daysSincePublication = "3";

  1. In Tealium, open the Webtrekk tag configuration dialog.

  2. In the Webtrekk tag data mapping setting, for example, click on the page parameter "Document title."

  3. Then click on "Select target."

  4. Click "+Add Custom."

  5. Type in a custom destination value, for example, "wt_config.articleTitle."