After you have completed the global configuration, you can now focus on the page configuration.

Webtrekk Code Example

// Example of a complete page-specific configuration:

var pageConfig = {
    cookieSecure: true

var wt = new webtrekkV3(pageConfig);
wt.contentId = "de.home";
wt.sendInfo {};

//Example of a complete global configuration:

var webtrekkConfig = {
   trackId: "111111111111111",
   trackDomain: "",
   domain: "",
   cookieSecure: true

In Tealium, the parameters that are used the most are already predefined:

  1. Go to the data assignments in the configuration dialog of the Webtrekk tag. Here, you can edit the individual parameters by clicking on the corresponding button.

  2. At the top, you can select the Tealium variable that contains the information to be passed to Webtrekk.

  3. Then click "Select Destination." You are forwarded to mapping dialog.

  4. Now select the destination from the list of predefined parameters.