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Webtrekk Smart Pixel on git

The basis for data collection on your website is the implementation of tags. Webtrekk provides scripts for tracking web pages, which can be used to send data such as referring URLs, used browser, referrer and much more. In addition to the standard data the script collects, there are many options for individual trackings, such as categorizing content (static information) or collecting dynamic information that differs from user to user, such as the payment method used.

With the Webtrekk Smart Pixel, you can perform manual pixeling without the configuration interface Tag Integration, which is part of the Webtrekk Suite. Also, the Smart Pixel is used to pixel single page applications.

The Webtrekk Smart Pixel can even be used by developers who have no in-depth experience with Webtrekk, as we have made an effort to make the structure easy to understand and implement in a more straightforward logic. For this purpose, we have also wholly renewed the API. We have concentrated on the essentials in the development of the Smart Pixel; this means that previously complex structures have been resolved. However, this also means that not all plugins/ extension s that have been available so far can be integrated.

The advantage of the Smart Pixel is that it is easier and clearer to implement due to less configuration effort (please also refer to chapter "Differences to Previous Pixel Versions (v4/ v5)" for details). Furthermore, no understanding of Webtrekk and Webtrekk data model is necessary, which makes it considerably easier for agencies and new customers to get started.

If you are not sure if the Smart Pixel is the right solution for your implementation, the decision tree may help you choose the best approach.