How to set up Multiple Dispatch Schedules
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    How to set up Multiple Dispatch Schedules

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    Do you have a marketing report that you need in your inbox every morning, but your team leader John would only like to see uploaded to their server once a week? With multiple dispatch scheduling, you can do this all with one report.

    1. From Report Overview, select either the  schedule or the   three dots icon to go to the Dispatch Schedule. The schedule button may appear in one of 3 ways:

      1. indicating there are no scheduled dispatches.

      2. indicating there are dispatches scheduled but they are inactive. 

      3. indicating there are active, scheduled dispatches

    2. Select create new dispatch schedule

    3. In this window you need to give the schedule a title like 'daily morning sendout', enter your email address, when, and pick what formatting you'd like to have it delivered in.

      • This is where you can decide to ‘send via email’ or ‘Upload to remote server’. For your report, you would select to send via email, on a daily interval. 

    4. Then select create dispatch schedule

    5. You can repeat these steps as many times as needed. For John's report, you would select upload to remote server and an interval of weekly. You can use his Connection Profile to make exporting reports to him more efficient.

    When you return to the list of scheduled dispatches for the report, you will see a colored icon next to each. Until your dispatch has been executed, it will remain gray. 


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