Mapp Engage: Mobile Push Personalization for a Child Account
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    Mapp Engage: Mobile Push Personalization for a Child Account

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    26 Jan 2024 Mapp Engage has expanded its Mobile Push feature with new personalization possibilities. You can now send push notifications to the mobile app account owner, personalized with their child's information, such as name and ordered product.

    Key Benefits

    • Enhanced communication for contacts who manage their child's orders within their account. Each order-related push notification can be personalized with the child's details.

    • Supports personalization for multiple child users within one account

    • Personalization is added via a new editor added to the Mobile Push user interface.


    • The relevant child account must exist as a contact in Mapp Engage

    • The related data set with the child account information must be set up

    • API call multiTenantSendSingle must be enabled

    This feature is only available for single sendouts.

    How does it work?

    1. Create a new Push Notification: Create New > Message > Push Notification.

    2. Add the multi-tenant personalization tag to the message body.

    3. Use the regular personalization tags to configure the personalization.

    4. In the Delivery step, select By API.

    5. Save and Activate.


    This is an on-demand feature that needs to be activated first. Please contact your customer success or account manager for more information.

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