Mapp Intelligence: IPv6 Support
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    Mapp Intelligence: IPv6 Support

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    01 Mar 2024 Mapp Intelligence now supports IPv6, improving its Geo Detection and Analyses, Device Detection, Filtering, and Tracking. Mapp Intelligence uses IP addresses for geo data retrieval (country, region, city, ISP, organization, connection speed) and temporarily for session detection in scenarios without cookies or other identifiers.

    Key Benefits

    • Future-proofing of the processing pipeline: ensuring compatibility with the evolving internet infrastructure and supporting new technologies.

    • Improved Server-to-Server data quality for customers exclusively using IPv6. The geo and device detection data is now more accurate.

    • Compliance with regulations that mandate IPv6 support.


     Implementation differs for these two customer groups:

    1. Customers who maintain their tracking domain via an A record in their DNS must add an AAAA record to their DNS to use IPv6. Your Customer Success Manager will contact you when this is done. 

    2. All other customers do not need to take any action. Mapp will perform the configuration.


    Adjustments for customers who maintain their tracking domain via an A record in their DNS are expected to be finalized as of March 7th, 2024. For remaining customers, this has been active as of February 29th.

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