Raw Data Exports
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    Raw Data Exports

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    Raw Data Exports are freely definable exports of raw data.

    Raw data is unprocessed, stored information related to individual activities. The information is not interpreted or filtered.

    With a raw data export, the activities of each individual recipient are tracked. The comprehensive overview of each individual recipient enables creating precise customer profiles. You can use these profiles to optimize future email campaigns according to the needs of your target group.

    Highly detailed information about every recipient and event can be linked to data from other channels and analyzed in an external tool.

    Simplified Data Exports are similar to Raw Data Exports. Both export raw data. However, the Simplified Data Export only exports the first instance of each selected event.


    • Export large amounts of raw data. Freely configure the types and amounts of data you need.

    • Export almost any type of unprocessed information from Mapp Engage.

    • Export recipient context information:

      • Geographical location

      • Email client

      • Version

      • Operating system

      • Platform

    • Obtain data for further processing or statistics analysis in external tools.

    • Reuse the export settings for future exports.

    To analyze the exported data, you need an external tool such as a BI (business intelligence), CRM (customer relationship management), or data warehouse tool. The raw data alone does not provide usable insights.


    You define new exports in a user-friendly wizard. For more information, see ​Define a Raw Data Export​.


    Name of the Step




    Defines the type, name, and description of the export.


    Time Frame

    Defines the time frame of the export.

    The time frame limits the export to the events registered by Mapp Engage within a specific period of time. Every event that takes place in Mapp Engage is stored in the cloud with a timestamp.

    The timestamp of a data record is the date and time when the information was stored.

    When you select ​Export Specific Messages​, the maximum export is 31 days in one file. To export data for a longer period, you must create multiple exports.

    When you select ​Export All Messages​, the number of days for which data is exported can be increased to 365 days. Permission ​166: Data Import and Export: Maximum Time Frames, ​allows you to change this setting.



    Defines for which messages event data is exported. The events that are included in the export are always associated with a message.

    You can select individual messages or message categories. Or you can select messages that are based on the sendout group or group category.

    Select the ​Export All Messages​ option to export the maximum amount of data for the defined time range. This option also ensures the export of mobile push events.


    Event Data

    Defines which event data is included in the export.

    All event data can be freely and flexibly combined to create the export. For more information, see ​Raw Data Export File​.

    The event data in the export file always corresponds to the message.


    Other Data

    Selects additional data for export.

    • Contact identifiers

    • Group and message data

    • General information

    • Attribute data

    The visibility of some types of data depends on your system configuration and permissions.


    Export Configuration

    Defines the file format and settings of the export. The following settings are available:

    • File format

    • Encoding

    • Size

    • Destination address

    Available Formats:

    • CSV

    • XML

    • XSLT



    Displays an overview of the selected export data and settings.

    You can check and modify the export before saving. The different areas of the window correspond to the individual steps of the wizard.

    Once defined in the wizard, the export settings are stored in the system.

    There are two ways to generate the export file in Mapp Engage:

    • You can manually generate the file. For more information, see Generate Exports Manually​.

    • You can automatically generate the file on a regular schedule with a time-based automation. For more information, see Generate Export​.

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