Webtrekk Android SDK v5 (Beta): Neue Version
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    Webtrekk Android SDK v5 (Beta): Neue Version

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    15 Oct 2019 We have now released a new version of the Android SDK v5 (Beta) including the following new features:

    Batch Support

    It is possible to send the recorded data in batches instead of single requests.

    Additional Default Parameters

    We have added the following additional app default data:



    App update

    This parameter is used to analyze how often an app has been updated. When the end-user updates the app to a new version via the app or the Play Store.

    App version

    This parameter analyzes whether users are utilizing the latest version of your app. 

    App first open

    This parameter is tracked when the user opens the app for the first time after installing the mobile application from the Web or App Store.

    Please note that all of these new parameters are tracked by using a predefined session parameter, which you have to create in Webtrekk Q3.

    New Automatic Tracking Options

    It is now possible to turn off activity tracking from automatic tracking (for example, if you want to track fragments only). And you can also set the automatic tracking function to be entirely inactive for a specific screen (for example, to avoid doubling page views when using custom parameters or WebViews).

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