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In this chapter, you will learn how to set up the Audience API in Webtrekk Marketing Automation. Please follow these steps:

  1. First, log in to your Webtrekk Suite.

  2. Open the Marketing Automation module by selecting the "Marketing" entry in the toolbar. You will be forwarded to Marketing Automation module.

  3. In the navigation panel on the left side, click Placements > Audience API. The overview of all available Audience API placements appears.

  4. Click [Create new Audience API placement]. The specification dialog for an API placement opens.

  5. Under "Basic settings," enter a unique name for this API placement and then click [Next].

  6. Under "Configuration of segments, URM categories and URM metrics", you can select the required elements that should be included in the response.

  7. Finally, click [Save] to save your settings. The new placement setting is saved and appears in the list of existing Audience API placements.