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To select the product list elements to be measured, add the configurations to the array "wt_pli".


window.wt_pli = window.wt_pli || [];
         selector: document.getElementById("list-item-1"),
         data: {
             product: "075eo2f002", 
             productPosition: 1,

             // optional
             productCost: "49.99", 
             productQuantity: "1", 
             productCategory: {
  				1: "100% cotton",
  				2: "normally",
  				6: "en",
  				7: "men",
  				8: "shirts"
 			 customEcommerceParameter: {
  				1: "blue"
 			 grossMargin: "25",
 			 productVariant: "button-down design", 
			 productSoldOut: "0"


selectorUnder "selector" you enter the product list element which is to be measured. You can either pass this directly as HTML-element or pass the CSS-selector of the element.
dataUnder "data" you enter the product information of the list element.
productMandatory. Specify the product name.
productPositionMandatory. The product position indicates where the element is located in the list.
Optional parameters

Optionally, you can add the following parameters:

  • productCost
  • productQuantity
  • productCategory
  • customEcommerceParameter
  • grossMargin
  • productVariant
  • productSoldOut