The Webtrekk Shopware plugin allows you to integrate the Webtrekk pixel into your Shopware managed website easily. Each page of the site is provided with the Webtrekk pixel code. In this way, all standard parameters are captured.

The Webtrekk pixel parameters are automatically filled based on the product information set in Shopware.

The generation of these parameter values (for example, the creation of page names) is done with the help of predefined algorithms.

The following evaluations are possible:

  • Traffic analyses including identification of (new & regular) visitors
  • E-commerce analyses including product and order evaluations, but without custom configurations
  • Standard marketing analyses, i.e., automatically recognizable user origins such as SEO, direct or referrer (without identifying custom campaigns)
  • Page analyses including heatmap
  • Action analyses
  • Form analyses

Some functions such as action tracking, heatmap tracking, and form tracking can be activated or deactivated by you on each page via Webtrekk Tag Integration.

This document provides an overview of the values set on the individual pages and describes how to integrate the plugin into your system.