First Occurrence [Dimension Name]
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    First Occurrence [Dimension Name]

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    Allows you to filter on the first occurrence. Options available are "Yes" and "No".

    See our use case for more information.

    This is available for the following dimensions:

    Default dimensions

    • Campaigns

    • Events

    • Pages

    • Media

    • Products

    • Referrer (Entry Sources, Referrer URLs, Other Sources, Search Engines, Social Media Referrer)

    Custom parameters

    Custom parameters need to be activated separately. Please see our guide here.

    • Campaign parameters

    • Event parameters

    • Page parameters

    • E-Commerce parameters

    • Session parameters

    For the following dimensions, no separate first-occurrence elements are available: Entry Sources, Referrer URLs, Other Sources, Search Engines, and Social Media Referrer. Instead, you can use the dimensions "Date of first occurrence Referrer" and "First occurrence Referrer."

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