Location Management
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    Location Management

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    Location Manager supports closer targeting of contacts with the use of your mobile applications. With Location Manager, you can define your locations of interest and target contacts as they enter and exit those locations.


    To use this feature, you must have:

    • Integrated Mapp SDK, and

    • Activated Monitoring Geofences functionality for both Android and iOS platforms.

    For more information on how to activate Locations manager functionality, see Geofences.

    For guidance on Mapp SDK integration, see Mapp Cloud Mobile Integration.


    • Combine your physical selling points with the movement of your contacts and engage them at the right moment.

    • Use contact location to suggest the right product or discount rates that are available at a selling point nearest to them.

    • Combine engagement by location with engagement by time to reach the optimal conversion potential.

    • Control activation period of your selling points so you are sure that all engagement is happening during its opening hours.



    Define location

    Create your location of interest.

    Define the reach diameter.

    Define entry and exit points around the location.

    Define cluster

    Create a cluster - an object that contains multiple locations.

    Use clusters for easier management of multiple locations at the same time.

    Trigger push notifications

    Engage contacts who enter and (or) exit one or more of your locations via push notifications.

    Explore Location Management

    Create a Location

    Create a Location Cluster


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