Mapp Intelligence Standard Onboarding for Retail/E-Commerce
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    Mapp Intelligence Standard Onboarding for Retail/E-Commerce

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    Welcome to Mapp Cloud! 

    If you are looking at this page, you are most probably a new Mapp Customer. Congratulations! Our Technical Services Team will guide and support you throughout the onboarding process. However, we need some deliverables from you to set things up in Mapp Intelligence just as you need them.

    You will find all the details in the table below. In case of any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact your Mapp representative.



    Integrate Google Tag Manager (GTM)

    GTM needs to be integrated into the website

    Set up a Data layer for e-commerce tracking

    A data layer needs to be integrated according to Google standards to track three product status

    • View item details

    • Add product to a shopping cart

    • Make purchase

    Find more information on the pages for Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics.

    Give Mapp access

    Mapp’s assigned Implementation Consultant needs edit access rights to GTM for setting up Intelligence tracking.

    Use UTM parameters for marketing tagging

    Use the Google UTM parameters to track your marketing campaigns

    Provide technical contact

    Provide a technical contact to Mapp in case technical adjustments need to be done on the website

    Enable live testing

    Creation of a procedure for issuing a test order in the production environment for testing purposes

    Share Cookie consent process

    Clear information on the cookie consent process and information storage (in case Mapp Intelligence requires consent).

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