Skipped Messages (tab)
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    Skipped Messages (tab)

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    Navigation Path

    1. In the ​main navigation​, click Statistics​ > Group Messages> Email.

    2. In the ​Actions​ column, click   | ​View Statistics​ or the   symbol.

    3. In the ​Delivery Performance​ area, click ​View Details​.
      Click ​Delivery Performance​.

    4. Click Skipped Messages​. An overview of message limitations and skipped messages opens.


    This tab provides information about messages that are sorted out before sendout for a variety of reasons. Skipped messages never leave the Mapp infrastructure.

    What can I do in this window?

    • View the total number of messages skipped in a sendout.

    • View the reason the messages were skipped.

    • View how many messages were skipped per skip category.


    Individual types of skips only appear in the ​Skipped Message Details area if they contain a value greater than 0.

    Skipped Message Details

    This area shows the total number of messages that were skipped in the sendout and the number of messages skipped per skip category.

    Skip Name

    Skip Description

    Skipped (Total)

    The total number of messages that were skipped in the sendout.

    No contact address available

    The contact information necessary for the selected type of message was not available.

    Read mode denied

    The contact does not accept messages in the format used for the sendout (email, SMS, or Mobile Push).

    For more information, see ​Read Mode: Configure Sent Message Format.

    Invalid encryption key

    The encryption key for the email address of the contact was not valid.

    Invalid alternate address

    The alternate email address of the contact was not valid.

    System-wide message limit reached

    The contact reached the system-wide message limit.

    This skip only applies to group messages. For group sendouts, the system default for the allowable number of messages per day is 9. For more information, see ​Message Limitation.

    User message limit reached

    The contact reached his individual message limit.

    For more information, see ​Define Contact Message Limitation.

    Blacklist or Robinson list

    The address was on a system blacklist or Robinson list.

    For more information, see ​Blacklists and ​Robinson Lists.

    Group Blacklist

    The address was on a group blacklist, and the sendout was a single message.

    Contacts skipped during the sendout of a group message do not produce a skip in the message statistics. Single messages not sent to the contact due to the group blacklist do produce a skip in the message statistics.

    For more information, see ​Blacklists.

    Deactivated system-wide

    The address was deactivated system-wide. For example, the address triggered too many responses.

    Deactivated group-wide

    The address was deactivated within the group.

    For example, because the address triggered too many responses or an ​Unsubscribe Member automation was used.

    In this case, only single messages can create a skip. The group deactivation prevents group messages to the contact before a skip is created.

    For more information, see ​Unsubscribe Members From All Groups and ​Unsubscribe Members From One Group.

    Skipped with EL filter

    The address was filtered out with an expression language (EL) filter applied during sendout.

    For more information, see ​Configuration for Sendout.

    Skipped with personalization rule

    Sendout to the address was blocked with the personalization <ec:skiprecipient/>.

    Message sendout suspended

    The message was skipped for various reasons, such as an unexpected script error, an incorrect personalization placeholder, an error in the barcode, or a blank message after all personalization rules were resolved.

    Error in email header

    The messages were skipped because of an error in the email header.

    Message send to internal MTA failed

    The message could not be transmitted to the internal MTA or SMS provider.

    Global Robinson list

    The address was on the Mapp Robinson list.

    Invalid Domain

    The address contained an invalid domain.

    Message sendout failed

    A connection could not be established with the receiving MTA.

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