Tracking & Links (Tab)
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    Tracking & Links (Tab)

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    Navigation Path​

    1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Audience > Groups​.
      ⇒ The ​Groups​ window opens to the ​Group​ tab.

    2. In the ​Actions​ column for the corresponding Group, clickChange Settings​ or the symbol.
      ⇒ The ​General Settings​ window opens.

    3. Click ​Tracking & Links
      ⇒ The ​Tracking & Links​ window opens.

    Message Tracking​

    This area determines the email metrics that Mapp Engage tracks for this group. You can track email opens and link clicks. For more information, see ​How Mapp Engage Measures Email Marketing Success​.



    ​Track Email Opens​

    In this area, you decide how to track whether contacts open your HTML email messages.

    • ​Track HTML Opens with Invisible Tracking Pixel:​ This check box adds a transparent tracking pixel to every HTML email message sent in this Mapp Engage group. When the contact opens your message, the image is downloaded from the Mapp Engage server. This download tells Mapp Engage that the contact has opened the message. This setting allows you to calculate the ​Confirmed Open Rate​ KPI for email messages in this group.
      Mapp Engage does not know if the contact opens the mail when the contact has images off or does not click any link in the email.

      • Add Tracking Pixel - Beginning of the Message:​ Mapp Engage inserts the tracking pixel at the beginning of the message.

      • Add Tracking Pixel - End of the Message:​  Mapp Engage inserts a tracking pixel at the end of the message.

      If HTML is deactivated for the message in the email client, the link to the pixel appears at the beginning of the message.

    ​Track Link Clicks​

    In this area, you decide how to track the links in your email messages. You cannot track links in an SMS message.

    For more information, see ​How Mapp Engage Measures Email Marketing Success​.

    • Track Text Message Links:​ Activates tracking of links in text-only emails. This option changes the URL of the link to redirect briefly to a tracking site before Mapp Engage redirects the contact to the final destination. This redirect can cause confusion about the actual destination of the link.

    • ​Track HTML Message Links:​ Activates tracking of links in HTML emails. The links in the email are redirected (for an imperceptibly short time) to the Mapp Engage system, before taking the reader to the target landing page. This redirection is not noticeable for the recipient. However, the redirect is sufficient for Mapp Engage to identify the message and the clicker and to save this information in the statistics. This option is activated by default.

    • ​Track Personalized Links:​ Activates tracking for personalized links (for example, in single messages). A personalized link is a link that contains a placeholder. This placeholder is replaced during sendout with the value that is stored in the contact profile. You cannot evaluate personalized links individually. Personalized links are evaluated as an aggregate, rather than separately because each contact receives a different personalized link. When this checkbox is activated, an evaluation of the combined personalized links is included in the statistics. You can create link categories to help to organize the different personalized links in the statistics.

    • Track System Links:​ Activates tracking for system links. System links include the read online, forward, unsubscribe, and edit profile links. When you create an email message, these links are available as Mapp Engage Variables.
      When this checkbox is activated, all system links sent in messages to this group are tracked. This option is activated by default.
      Only system links with the following format can be tracked: <%syslink_profile_edit url="/public/profile_edit.jsp"%>.
      Verify the format of system links before sendout.

    ​Inbox Monitoring​

    Inbox Monitoring helps you measure your deliverability rates.

    With Inbox Monitoring, a copy of your message is sent to a seed list (a list of artificial control email addresses). This process gives you an estimate of the deliverability rate of your message across different email service providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, and so on). The seed list addresses are generated automatically and include addresses at all of the major email service providers. The service providers that are displayed in the results are the 20 most common service providers where your recipients have addresses.

    For more information, see ​Inbox Monitoring​.

    • ​Measure Deliverability with Inbox Monitoring:​ Activates the Inbox Monitoring feature for this group. This feature is activated for an entire group, not for one specific message.

    Link tracking also works for hyperlinks in   <area>   tags and for   GET   methods in input fields. Link tracking does not work for   POST   methods. Only HTTP and HTTPS protocols can be used for link tracking.

    There is no link tracking for:

    • Ftp-FU

    • Gopher and Telnet addresses

    • Email addresses

    • Newsgroups

    Automatic Link Redirection​

    This area controls timed link redirection. In this section, you specify that all links in a message are redirected to a different page after a set number of days. For example, you can redirect links to the start page of the online shop after 30 days. This process prevents recipients who click a message link later from landing on a page that is out of date or no longer exists.

    For more information, see ​Timed Link Redirection​.

    When you create an email, you can manually exclude some links from this automatic redirection. For more information, see ​Exclude Timed Link Redirection for Specific Links​.



    ​New Link Destination​

    Defines the destination URL. Mapp Engage redirects the expired links to this page after the defined number of days.

    Both the network protocol and address are required.

    Example: ​​

    ​After ... Days​

    Defines when the redirection takes place. This time frame is valid for all messages in this group. The time period for the redirect is defined in number of days after the original sendout. The days are measured in 24-hour periods. For example, if the sendout takes place at 10 a.m., the links will redirect at 10 a.m. after the specified number of days.

    Link Parameters​

    When you add a hyperlink to a message, you can add parameters that insert information into the URL. When a contact clicks the link, Mapp Engage transmits the link parameter to a web analytics tool or ecommerce system.

    These parameters can contain static values, personalisation placeholders, and Mapp Engage Variables. When personalised, Mapp Engage replaces the placeholders in the links during sendout with the corresponding value that is stored in the system.

    As a result, every link in a message sent to this group includes the defined parameters. If there are links in a message that you do not want to modify, you can exclude them from the application of the parameter.

    For more information, see ​Parameters in Message Links​.



    ​Add Link Parameter​

    This area defines the parameters that are added to the links.

    • First Field: The value that is entered in the first input field defines the name of the parameter.

    • Second Field: The value that is entered in the second input field assigns a value to the parameter.

    • Personalization:​ Allows you to add attributes directly to the parameter value, without needing to look up the correct syntax.
      Click in the ​Name for lin parameter field​ or in the ​Value for link parameter​ field. Click ​Personalization​. In the pop-up window ​Personalization Parameters​, select the attribute that you want to use. Close the window. The correct attribute reference appears in the field.

    • ​Web Analytics:​ Allows you to select predefined configured parameters for a web analytics system. The link parameters that the web analytics system needs for reporting are automatically generated (see ​Web Analytics Integrations​).
      Note, UTM parameters do not work with dynamic URLs. For example, if you add your link with the following personalisation <a href="<%$ {ecx:related('catalog-fr', item2)['productURI']} %>">, then the UTMs are not added.

    ​Exclude Links​

    In this area, you can create rules that tell Mapp Engage not to add link parameters to certain links.

    You use Regex to create the rule (

    For more information, see ​Exclude Links From Link Parameters​.

    • Regex Pattern:​ In the first input field, define a pattern to exclude parameters from being added to the link. Use a regular expression.

    • Description of Regex Pattern:​  In the second field, enter a text that helps you to remember what kind of rule you created. This description does not affect how the rule functions.

    Once a prepared message has been sent with link parameters, these link parameters remain in the message links for all future sendouts of the prepared message. Even if you delete the link parameters in the group settings, the link parameters are not removed from the message. To remove link parameters from a prepared message that has already been sent at least once, contact your customer representative.

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